Aiming to Make You Proficient

Our motto “Aiming to Make You Proficient”. In our motto with proficient being the key word. Our goal, in what we’re aiming for, is to make you advanced in firearms! If your purpose is for an art, occupations, or just a branch of knowledge, we’re here for you. As a law enforcement officer of many years, I’ve had the privilege of attending many firearms training schools. It’s clear the core fundamentals of shooting are the same, but the presentation style and how the information is explained makes all the difference in the world. We aim to make your experience a pleasurable one, with a teaching style everyone will enjoy and learn from! From personal one on one, small groups, and corporations, to law enforcement agencies, we are here for you. With a support team of instructors totaling over 75 years of experience, there is no training too small or too large!